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Python 2

This is where the real challenge begins! Building on the foundations of Python 1, students will delve deeper into more advanced computational concepts. They’ll now have to apply their knowledge and full skill set to tackle real-life projects using professional media libraries. Children will have the chance to build a portfolio of creative projects.

Construct a pinball machine, try your luck at casino favourites or steal the show with a virtual piano concert! Kids will take their Python skills to the next level and learn leadership, project management and peer review skills along the way.

By combining all they have learnt, children have the chance to create an outstanding programming portfolio during this active learning experience! They will take on the role of project manager and execute their self-developed programs using professional media libraries just like the pros!

Python Course Overview

During this course, kids will get a taste of the real programming world. By taking on the role of project-manager they will apply their knowledge and creative intuition to develop their project-portfolio using the same professional media libraries as industry experts!

From start to finish, children have full control over the design and creation of their games and animations. These active learning projects are designed to help them develop a desirable range of skills, highly sought-after by top employers. Not only will they fine tune their Python expertise, but they will pick up key transferable skills in leadership, project management and peer-review assessment.

Watch their confidence build as they rise to challenges and present their final projects to their class. At the end of Python 2, students will have portfolio of their animations/ games, which they can share at school or with friends and family.

By the end of the course, the children will learn to:

Deepening knowledge of workplace skills

Children will understand the principles of programming

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