Mars Academy

So many children dream about going to space – but now that dream can become a reality. Their mission? Build a colony on Mars. They’ll learn to construct and launch a space shuttle before embarking on their voyage to the Red Planet. Along the way, they’ll learn about physics, astronomy and teamwork – everything a budding astronaut needs.

Through the creation of their own cartoons and computer games, the children develop logical and algorithmic thinking using Scratch programming language

Mars Academy Overview

Kids will present their self-developed projects after each block. They will engage with popular science on different topics, such as physics or history to widen their horizons.

Visual programming develops a child’s imagination and teaches them to correctly set goals and search for ways to achieve them in a game form. Kids will build valuable skills needed to do most jobs like projects development from concept to implementation, creativity and teamwork.

By the end of the course, the children will learn to:

Deepening knowledge of the school curriculum:

Children will understand the principles of programming:

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Price: £90 per month (£22.50 per class)

Limited time offer: £20 per class if paid in full

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