Mars Academy 2

Let the real adventure begin! Building on the foundations of Mars Academy 1, students will delve deeper into more advanced computational concepts. They’ll now have to apply their knowledge to creative projects.

Children will build a working chat bot character and construct their own multi-level game. As they advance on the course, children will also develop leadership, project management and peer review skills- a unique methodology designed with their futures in mind.

By creating functional chat bot characters and multi-level games, children can apply their knowledge to real-life projects becoming proficient Scratch coders and laying the bricks for Python 1

Mars Academy Overview

Kids will present their self-developed projects for peer review. They will start to engage with their peers and tutor as if this were a real-life working environment. Algorithmics prepares children for their future world by imparting key transferable skills early.

Active learning projects that are self-developed allow each child to express their creativity freely. Watch their curiosity grow as they bring chat bot characters to life and immerse themselves in their own multi-level gaming worlds.

At the end of Mars Academy 2, students will have portfolio of their animations/ games, which they will be able to share at school and with friends and family.

By the end of the course, the children will learn to:

Deepening knowledge of workplace skills

Children will understand the principles of programming:

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