Why coding is an essential skill for students and young minds

Learning to code is for tech fanatics and IT geeks, right? No. Wrong. Coding is for everyone and it is becoming an increasingly valuable skill for young people to learn.

Technological advancement, the adoption of remote working and the ever-changing landscape of how we live, and work put coding at the forefront of growth in numerous industries. 

Coding is at the core of computer learning: it allows students to understand how technology works.

Whilst we recognise that not all children will go on to become programmers, they must understand technology.

“My kids will learn to code, not because I think their future work is coding, but rather their future success depends on having a basic understanding of technology and being able to combine that with social interaction skills.”- Lance Bialas, Director of the Ideation Centre at SAP Canada

Careers of the future will be heavily reliant on technology. Forget the future, this year alone “vacancies within the UK tech sector have risen by 36%” (Tech Nation, 2020). Whilst other industries have felt the strain of Covid-19, the tech industry has remained strong with continuous growth and no sign of slowing down.


  • Learning to code offers far more than a simple improvement in mathematical ability: It engages numerous areas of the brain. 
  • Coding is a computer language. Just like any other language learning, it will help to strengthen verbal and written communication
  • Programming is all about logical thinking and problem-solving. These two skills allow children to break down complex ideas into manageable tasks. Children can then approach difficult challenges calmly and effectively.
  • With the right know-how and correct resources, the world truly is their oyster. Children can unleash their full creativity and drive their imagination into becoming the next generation of innovators. Watch them as they bring apps, games, and animations to life!
  • If you choose to advance your child coding skills with Algorithmics, children will also learn vital leadership, project management and teamwork skills. This unique mix of coding know-how and personal talent is a skill set that is highly sought after by top employers. 

It’s not just programming schools like ours that recognise how vital coding will be to the next generation of young people. Governments and educational leaders all stress the importance of developing a set of future-ready digital skills.

Try our state-of-the-art interactive platform, proven teaching methodology and live, expert tutors by signing your child up to an Algorithmics program.

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