The ONE thing every online course should have…

Drumroll please…A LIVE TUTOR of course!

That’s right, we believe a live tutor is an essential element of every online learning experience and here are the 5 reasons why-

1-     Structure

If I asked you to draw a tree, how long would you take completing the task? 1-minute, 2 maybe 5? What if I asked someone else? Would they give the same answer as you? My guess would be no. A live teacher is essential to provide structure to a lesson; timing is just one element of this. Teachers also structure the content of the class and the order of delivery so that it flows seamlessly. Without their influence, it’s easy to get lost on an online programme. You can miss steps or spend too long on one task leaving little time to get the important stuff done. 

2-     Focus

Saying you’re going to the gym and turning up are two different things. What if you had a personal trainer waiting for you? I bet you’d show up right? I also bet that during that session you’d work much harder than you would if it was just you on your own with no one around to hold you accountable for your efforts.

The same principle is true for online learning. It’s easy to sign-up and to say you’re going to attend but completing the session is then on you. A live tutor helps you gain the focus you need to follow through. They also keep you focused during the lesson and track your progress throughout. 

3-     Inspiration

‘Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.’ –W.B. Yeats

Teachers are a source of inspiration. They spark new interests and convince us of our unlocked potential. We can’t imagine our programmes without our brilliant teaching team. Their positive influence on our students continues long after the lessons have ended.

4-     Guidance

So, you’re halfway through a lesson when you get stuck. What do you do without a live tutor? You could pause the lesson and try google, but you will likely be distracted and end up doing something else. You could sit and get frustrated at yourself for not knowing when really, you just need it explaining differently. Fundamentally this is why live teachers are essential during online courses, to help you learn! 

5-     Adaptability

Do you learn in the same way as all your friends? Do you all find the same subjects easy or difficult? If you did, I would be amazed. Not all people learn in the same way. Very few do! It also takes individuals different lengths of time to understand topics or complete tasks. A live tutor can tailor your online learning experience to you. They adjust tasks to make them simpler for you to understand or more challenging to elevate your skills. They know both the subject, and, in time, they also know you much better too.

Our live tutors make a huge difference to each one of our students; we can’t imagine our programmes without them. They are an integral part of why our programmes deliver a superior online learning journey. They are also a key reason why our students make huge progress in very little time.

Come and say hello! Your Algorithmics tutor would love to meet you at one of our FREE trial lessons. Sign-up here to get started-

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