Coding- the secret ingredient to better grades

Learning to programme is a skill that’s useful in itself, but did you know coding can also increase student’s performance in several other areas?

There’s no better place to start than with Maths grades…

Maths may not be renowned as the most glamorous or exciting subject but it’s certainly one of the most important and annoyingly one key area many children struggle with at school.

Coding can help kids get the head start in maths that they may need to improve their grades and enjoy maths studies more. Coding increases knowledge with numbers, variables, arithmetic, geometry, expressions, inequalities and more!

This is especially true for children who learn to code with Algorithmics. Our unique methodology teaches essential logical thinking and problem-solving skills over a range of exciting, interactive projects.

If your child is struggling with their maths studies, it could be time to ditch the lengthy maths guidebooks and opt for a fantastic Algorithmics programming course.

Enough about Maths… what other areas can coding help with?

Coding is another language

Like any language studies, learning a different one helps children with both verbal and written communication.

Coding inspires creativity

It’s not all numbers, trust us! Coding has a range of applications and creative uses from games and robots to fashion design and beyond. This 21st century skill gives children the ultimate freedom to create and become leaders in the digital sphere.

Take Raphaël Wreford from London: at 13 years old he has already created a game app suitable for blind people. He’s not alone, Fiona Geary from West Cork is also 13 years old and has already created a whole website for teens that promotes mindfulness.

There are hundreds of kids across the world who are using coding for good in the most creative ways possible. Whether they are interested in art, design, dance, or fashion, coding can help them drive their creative passions forward! 

Coding is a huge confidence booster

Confidence is a skill required for all walks of life including school studies. Increased confidence allows children to feel more comfortable in everything they do and therefore they are much more likely to succeed. When Algorithmics children take on new projects and learn new skills they are continuously building their confidence levels.

Get #FutureReady with Algorithmics

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